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Our Story

How we started

The idea to start making my own products was born out of a personal need to use natural products that would not irritate my skin.  I am highly allergic to most detergents, including commercial varieties of "soap".  I was spending a lot of time and effort researching more natural alternatives , and in the end, spending a pretty penny to obtain them. 


Our products are made primarily with love as well as other all natural and/or organic ingredients.  Everything is hand made in small batches.  Most of our products are vegan, with the exception of a few products that contain goat's milk, tussah silk and/or honey. 

By purchasing from Sweet Vivi's, you are helping to sustain a family that is trying to cherish every moment they have with their little girl and two sweet boys.  We hope that you will enjoy using our products and we always love to hear your feedback!


Much love,

Veronica ♥

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