Our skin is our largest organ and will absorb what goes on it.  Most commercial deodorants use aluminum, sulfates, parabens and/or other harsh chemicals to keep you dry and smelling good.  These chemicals have been proven to harm your body with prolonged use.  Our all-natural deodorant contains none of these harmful ingredients!  While our deodorant will help keep your body odor under control (tested on many friends and family over the years, but proven effective by the stinkiest of them all...my dear husband!), it is NOT an antiperspirant. Do not be afraid to sweat!  Perspiration is our body's way of eliminating toxins!  ;-)

All Natural Deodorant

  • Ingredients: organic coconut oil, cocoa butter, sodium bicarbonate, organic arrowroot powder, beeswax, essential oil(s). For external use only.