100% naturally luscious, creamy, dreamy, totally naked coconut soap!  Crafted with 100% certified organic coconut milk and coconut oil. No fragrances. No synthetics. Just purely perfect soap. It's such an exquisite balance of rich, smooth coconut milk and coconut oil that it leaves your skin feeling clean and silky.  If you've never tried it, you're in for a treat!!  (When my die hard fan *aka Mom* tried this soap during her last visit, she came out of the shower amazed and asking what this soap was. When I told her, she said, "Do you charge more for this soap?  Because you should! Feel my skin!  It's amazing!!" ...And she wouldn't stop raving until I actually felt her skin. Gotta love Moms.)  ;)

Coconut Milk (Scent Free)

  • Our soaps are made from scratch, the old fashioned way, with a carefully formulated recipe full of skin loving oils and butters. Coconut Milk soap is one of our "single oil" soaps as it is made with 100% pure, certified organic coconut oil. We also love to add some generous splashes of rich, organic coconut milk to make this soap extra special. A detailed ingredient list will come with each soap.

    Our bars weigh approximately 4 oz each, unless otherwise noted.
    We are committed to using organic and/or non-GMO ingredients that are cruelty free. Most of our soaps are vegan, with the exception of a select few that contain goat's milk, honey and/or tussah silk.